Outlast 2: Australia Says My Bad and Unbans It

It was barely a week ago that I was writing an article about the Australian Classification Board stating that they would be banning Outlast 2 from their country. To those of you unclear as to what I mean, the board had decided to not give the upcoming horror game a rating. With no rating it would remain incapable of being sold on their shelves.

Yet now it has backed down on that decision for no reason.

Originally the decision was made due to a rather graphic sounding scene that related to extreme sexual violence. The Board, at the time, felt that it was too much and thus stated that they wouldn’t give the game a rating until it was removed from the game. However the game’s publisher just revealed to Press Start that the game would actually be getting a rating of 18 + within Australia.

What’s weird is that no change has seemingly been made to the game, but rather the board just seem to change it’s mind suddenly.

Well, if nothing else, our Australian friends get to look forward to the horror game now. If you’re forgetting what you’re waiting for check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments if you’re looking forward to it.

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