PlayStation: Breaking Their Own Wifi

Apparently the latest software update issued by Sony has had adverse affects for a small number of PS4 users. They broke their wifi somehow in the firmware update, which admittedly is not a big deal if you don’t really play online games. That said, if you do? Well good luck to you.

The firmware update came out on March 9th, afterwhich one user put up a thread on the PlayStation forum about new connectivity issues. The user stated the following: “I updated my PS4 this morning and after the update it can not connect to wifi”. Which at first could be dismissed as a one time issue – but then more reports seem to flow in of users with similar issues. One gamer in the same thread stated that “I even spent an hour with a chat helper to correct it and nothing worked. She say’s it’s my equipment.” Which is obvious enough for the poor player, as Sony seems to be the one who broke their equipment.

Admittedly it be easy for players to plug in directly to the internet, but they should neither have to, nor expect to, from a system that is suppose to boast wifi capabilities. Especially as their systems were likely downloading and executing the update on their own wifi.

For those of you suffering from the issue and looking for a quick fix, don’t hold your breath. As it stands PlayStation has had no comment on the issue two weeks after, except to tell Polygon that they “are aware and are looking into the situation”.

While not uncommon for errors to occur during an update – though we wish they didnt happen – it would at least be good to know what the developers are doing about the situation. However that is our luck being consumers.

Let us know in the comments if you know anyone suffering from the wifi plague, and if they have found a fix themselves.

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