Overwatch: Orisa Skill Breakdown

There’s always a little hype when a new character joins into a game that is well loved and enjoyed by all – Overwatch being no exception. That said, Orisa is the talk of the town and how players will use her in fights is the question. With her not being available to play in competitive mode right now, this is a time period for gamers to truly get use to her abilities.

That said, let’s take a look at what she can do:

Main Weapon: Fusion Driver

Orisa’s go to weapon happens to be what should be her left arm, and is instead a minigun. It fires quickly, and has loads of bullets to spare. It’s easily comparable to D.Va’s own primary weapon, though it seems to fire faster and more accurately.

That said, while using it you give up some speed – so try to use it in more of a burst method type of way or get mowed down by faster moving opponents quickly.


An annoying ability for those teams who carelessly bunch together, or those who have to defend a single point. Halt is an ability that acts much like Zarya’s Graviton Surge, bringing players together under a specific point. It works by Orisa firing a ball of energy that reaches out to nearby enemies, connecting to them, and then upon you clicking a secondary button shoots them toward the original point of origin.

This is massively effective in the right situation, as it can allow your team to really hammer down on unlucky opponents that get caught in it. Not only that, but more creative uses for it are all over the web, don’t believe me? Check out some creative uses of the ability below that involve some good timing and a little luck.

This is a constant threat for the other team, even with the considerable cooldown time that accompanies the usage for this ability. Which in turn forces gamers to switch around team dynamics a bit, as bunching to close together can have some seriously poor results.


Fortify is meant to help Orisa, and Orisa alone. That said, it’s a pretty nifty ability. While said ability is active Orisa not only takes less damage from outside sources, but also becomes immune to abilities that would otherwise hamper her movements. One such annoying ability, that I can think of off hand, is Mei’s dr.freeze impersonation. Wherein which she slowly slows down your whole team with her annoying snow globe of evil. If you happen to use fortify before this happens – well lo and behold Mei might be in for a nasty surprise this winter.


Orisa has a small shield generator that creates a non moving, curved shield in front of her. The ability allows for her to absorb damage into the shield while her allies dish out damages from behind it. While full of holes, as Junk Rats grenades can fly over it and Pharah can just rain hell down from above, it does still have its uses.

A good usage of this ability can be witnessed when you place it on the payload, as it moves forward so to does the shield. With a Bastion behind its walls laying down some heavy fire, and teammates protecting the Bastion, it might just prove effective.

Ultimate: SuperCharger

This ability reminds me strongly of Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord, except it affects a lot of players at once. When used, Orisa places a device down on the ground in front of her. This then latches out onto nearby players and, you guessed it already I’m sure, amplifies their damage for a little while.

The ability has some serious potential, for if it’s used in the right combination can lead to quite the team destroying ability. For example, pairing it with Zarya’s graviton surge could lead to a complete beat down of the enemy team as they float in the air and get picked off quickly. Even just using it during the final moments of a unified team rush can make or break the bank in terms of success. However it’s important to note that the ability is more or less useless by yourself. As you can easily get picked off on your lonesome, this ability is meant to help the team push – not just you, so save it for those important moments.


In truth I don’t know if I’ll ever use Orisa to much personally, as I’m not to much of a fan of Tank heroes. That said, she seems like a fun play and I’m sure those skilled competitive gamers will make a monster out of her sooner as opposed to later. Go give her a whirl on the network and let us know in the comments below what you think her most defining, or glaring, ability is.

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