Microsoft Launching “Tech Series” Design For Xbox One Controller

Yet another controller layout is being added to the Xbox world, as Microsoft announces their newest design on the Xbox News Network. The controller’s falls under a new model of devices called the “Tech Series”.

This controller, named the Recon Tech Special Edition, apparently takes its inspiration ““military technology and performance patterns,”. That said, maybe we will feel more militaristic in our FPS games as we use this new controller.

Or not.

The body of the controller features a dark grey color, has a matte backing, and some nice little designs that are laser etched on it as you can see from the above image. The horns of the controller also have some nice little diamond shape patterns made with a rubberized grip.


It has bluetooth support built in, which allows for wireless gaming on your lovely PC – without an annoyingly long USB cord. The new controller will be released April 25th with a starting price of $69.99.

Let us know in the comments on whether you’ll be buying the new controller. I won’t be, as I usually wait until my own controller falls apart before needing a new one.
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