Overwatch: Say Goodbye To Draws

It seems that people have been hurting from from one horrible factor in Overwatch – beside overpowered Bastions – and that would be draws during matches. Personally I never really minded a fight that ended with both teams feeling like they put up a good fight, but apparently Blizzard disagrees and likely so do many gamers. This has been felt strongly enough that Blizzard has recently changed the system to reflect that discontent – though who knows if players will enjoy the newest fix.

The newest system dissolve draws, and instead comes up with a very unforgiving system. While it hasn’t taken effect as of yet, as it is being tested on the PTR currently, we do have access to how it works due to the Scott Mercer explaining it on the battlenet forums.

“A team no longer has to completely capture one more objective than their opponent to gain a win. If both teams have the same score and run out of time, we now compare the maximum capture% of each team on the last objective they were both trying to complete. The team with the highest capture% on that objective wins. This is not based on the progression points at every 33%, but is on a completely granular scale of 0-100%. The three “pie pieces” still function as before, so if attackers take 50% of a map but wipe out then the minimum capture% decays down to 33%. We show the maximum capture% with an orange triangle placed around the capture circle.”

Here’s a list of examples of how this would play out in a variety of different situations – example 4 being the most painful for those hoping for a comeback win at the end. Untitled 2

The rough thing about these new rules is that there can be rather abrupt end to games, especially after matches that have been a complete and utter shut down for you – as sometimes happens to the best of us. For the example below, watch Sombra end a match in 24 seconds.

This happened only because Sombra’s team managed to shut out their opponents in the previous round completely. Due to this, when the character managed to land even one point on the board? Game over. There are no magic come backs, no sudden draws, just a quick ending to your uphill fight.

Personally this makes me rather upset, as I feel rather good about myself when my team rallies back from a shitty start to a game. However for competitive gamers I understand they might like this decisive win or lose situation. Tell us what you think of the new system yourself – and if it’s something you think Blizzard will have to fix yet again.
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