Super Mario 64: Fan Trying To Remake It

Sometimes I feel as if companies should take notice of fan made content more, because sometimes you really just stumble across gems being made by individuals who seem to know what they are doing. One such individual’s name is Aryoksini, who back in 2015 released video footage of Mario having a bit of a run around using the Unreal Engine 4.

It looked rather crisp as you can see below:

This same developer decided, a few years later, to release their progress on recreating Super Mario 64 in the same manner. As a huge fan of Mario 64 I can’t help but say “Mario is looking spiffy”. While I have serious doubts that Nintendo will ever let this game be continued in any manner by this developer, I can’t help but hope that Nintendo might remake the game themselves. It doesn’t often feel like they are up to anything these days anyways. Admittedly Super Mario Odyssey looks like it will be a fun game on the Nintendo Switch, Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine will always hold a special place in my heart amongst Mario games.

Check out the video footage of Super Mario 64 with an update:

Let us know in the comments if you would be interested in seeing a remake of Super Mario 64, or if this game should ever stay a classic within your hearts.

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