Street Fighter 5: Fight As Tracer Or Samus With This Game Mod

Sometimes gamers get sick of seeing the same face in their fighting games, or just like heroes from other games. That said, many times we never get the chance to see our favorite heroes make their way to some of our fighting platformers. Usually cause they just don’t exist within that worlds storyline – though DLC’s as of late have made anything possible.

However, with enough hard work, you can put any character you want into a game – if only just by appearance. Modder Khaledantra666 is a person who decided to put in such work, creating a mod that brought in two well known heroes from completely different games, Tracer from Overwatch and Zero Suit Samus from Metroid.

While the Mod just places a skin over the character Cammy, leaving her move set and abilities the same, it still is rather well done. Both characters look greatly put together, and funnily enough Cammy’s moves seem to suit both characters personalities – at least in my mind.

Go creativity! Who else would you guys like to play as in your favorite fighting games? Let us know in the comment section below.

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