Pokemon Yellow: On the Apple Watch?

As a young boy I’ll admit, as many probably can, I was a hardcore Pokemon fan. I loved the handheld games, the card games, and the TV show. That said, it’s a little amusing to see Pokemon Yellow getting ported over to the Apple watch with a new Game Boy emulator.

That’s right Apple lovers, if you have the watch – and the willpower to play a game on it – you can start catching em all. All this is thanks to Gabriel O’Flaherty, an iOS software developer who had decided it was time to put some games on the Apple watch. Thus after making his own game, he decided why not port over a game that everyone knew and loved.

The emulator in use for this game is called Giovanni, if you’ve watched enough Pokemon I’m sure you understand the reference, and can be found on Github. While apparently a bit “sluggish and unresponsive” – as described by O’Flaherty – at times, it is a prototype. Which mean’s I’m sure the kinks will be worked out sooner as opposed to later. As getting even the coloring right on the watch apparently took a bit of experimentation on the developer’s end.

That said, how many of you are actually going to play the game on the Apple watch? I personally prefer being able to hold a gameboy of some sort while exploring the league, and battling team rocket. Nothing about this set up seems very enticing to me, but as I don’t own an Apple watch I could unknowingly be missing out.

Let me know in the comments on your feelings to this watch port over, and if you have an Apple watch – will you actually play it?

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