Airship: Zelda Breath of The Wild Goof

Sometimes people’s ingenuity in games really surprises me, and this has to be up there in terms of simplistic but amusing modes of travel.

As you can see from the above video, a gamer has crafted themselves their own makeshift flying contraption and taken to the sky’s. The method of which is honestly very simple, as you’ve witness above.

All you need for your own poorly crafted sky boat is the following:

  • A lovely little raft
  • Tons of disposable Octo Balloons (Which you gain by slaying Octoroks)
  • A Prayer: As it seems Slightly hard to navigate.

After which do as the video above shows you and take flight into the skys of Breath of The Wild. Do us a favor and record any really bad falls, a blooper reel wouldn’t be out of question for this kind of mode of travel.

Let us know in the comments on if you’ve tried this method of travel, and if you found the earth quickly enough.

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