Super Mario Run: Making It’s Way To Android Devices

To those of you who had a hankering to play Super Mario Run but couldn’t because your mobile device didn’t support the game, well some of you are in luck. According to Nintendo, this March 23rd the game will be dropping onto Android devices worldwide via the Google Play Store.

Not only will the game be dropping onto Android devices, but the iOS version of the game will also be getting an update as well. This update will add a new selection of playable characters to your roster, and also for those of you playing the free version of the game you can unlock World 1-4 by completing one of Bowser’s challenges. Which is a change for gamers, as the previous version only allowed for the first three levels to be played for free. This update was confirmed by a tweet from Nintendo Japan.

For those of you wondering on whether to finally play the game, remember that it features 24 levels in the game and has a host of replayability. Check out our review on the game for more information.

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