Dungeons and Dragons: Official Companion App Entering Beta Soon

A game that has caught the attention of many gamers over the years, myself included, is Dungeons and Dragons. While admittedly not a video game, I tend to believe the power of imagination and the sheer fun of this game – with a good set of friends – set this high and above many actual video games. That said, until now players have had to record all their hard earned information, from character stats to loot, on a variety of spreadsheets.

This has seemed inefficient for years, and while gamers have come up with their own types of solutions no official one has ever been given to us by the D&D creators until now. As they have officially decided to step into the 21st century and provide a legitimate companion app to the game. This, for all of us who actually play, will be immensely helpful in keeping track of all the numerous skills and feats your character will acquire over time.

Not to mention make drunk D&D much more easy.

The App is called D&D Beyond and is being made by Curse and the Dungeons and Dragons company themselves. It will allow you to look up a spell, roll your characters, calculate damage and more. All from a variety of mediums, such as smartphones or tables. Better yet, the app is about to go into Beta – sign ups are open here.

The service aims to make your D&D experience as easy as possible. Ensuring that if you only play as a fighter you can buy all knowledge and packs that are necessary to understand and play as them. That isn’t to say the app is meant to be a bunch of micro transactions, but rather that you can buy everything necessary to play D&D, or just the parts that pertain to you. This is especially helpful for anyone who isn’t the Dungeon master and just getting their toes wet in the game.

Personally, this makes me want to start up Sunday D&D night again – but hey tell me what you guys thing in the comments down below.

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