Zelda Breath of The Wild: Resurrect your Horse

In past Zelda renditions, and there have been more than a few, one thing’s has remained constant. That constant being the safety of my dear loyal steed Epona, who has seen me across the different ages of Zeldom. However Zelda Breath of The Wild changes the playing field for gamers everywhere, as the possibility of your horses dying is very real.

However death has been found, with a little sleuthing, to not be the end for our dear horse companions. With a little bit of determination, one can return what was once lost. You must travel to the south of Hyrule, to either the Lake Tower, or the Ka’o Makagh shrine. From there you take the road as indicated in the images below and cross the horse god bridge.

Horse_fairy_0_map Horse_fairy_0_map_2

When you arrive at the end of the road, you’ll happen across a fairy fountain that is unlike the others you’ve come across before. For it belongs to the horse god Malanya, and for the one time fee of a 1,000 rupees she’ll bring back any dead horse of your imagination.

So to those of you missing a noble steed, or a good companion from the game, go forth and make a zombie out of them.  

Let us know in the comments whether this was helpful to you or not, and if you’ve returned to life any horses as of yet.

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