Rocket League: New Game Mode Introduced Called Dropshot

Rocket League has finally decided that it needs to spruce up its current gaming system with something new, and thus dropped the trailer for their newest game mode: Dropshot.

The game mode seems to be a morph between Volleyball and keep up, all with high flying cars and low gravity mixed in. Dropshots game mode happens in a hexagonal arena that is divided down the middle, as per usual, and overlaid with a grid of smaller hexagons. However what’s different about this game mode is that there is no set goal, rather the floor on your opponent side is the ‘goal’. What that means is that players must use every move in their arsenal to knock that ball downward towards the floor on their opponent’s side, as doing so damages the tile – the more damage done the more likely you will open up a chasm in the floor for you to score a point in.

For those of you worried about gaping holes in the map, be not afraid. As only balls can fall through the gaps, as cars will drive safely over them. It’s important to note that you can create bigger holes by ‘charging’ up the ball. This is done by keeping the ball up in the air, the longer it is up equates to the bigger of a ‘charge’ inside the ball. That means when it finally lands after a good spike from you on the opponent’s side, mass damage is sure to follow.

Once a goal has been scored the map will reset and players will once more fight for supremacy on the map, on which their are absolutely no power ups. That’s right, your acceleration meter fills up gradually in this mode as opposed to using floor tiles to charge your car up. This is likely done to ensure as much high flying tricks as possible in this mode – as the regular ones just won’t cut it.

This new Rocket League mode looks fun, but perhaps a little hard for those struggling just getting the ball in the net currently. That said, happy flying gamers.

Let us know in the comments on what you think of this new game mode, and whether or not you’re eager to try it out.

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