PlayStation Now: Starts supporting PS4 Games

It seem’s like Sony is adding to their PlayStation Now service in a big way, by adding PS4 games to the service in the immediate future. What’s exciting about this is that you can play this titles on your PC. That’s right gamers, for those of you who just love playing on your PC, you might be able to play Uncharted 4 or maybe even Horizon Zero Dawn on your kick ass console by merely signing up for the subscription.

Though hold your horses on buying up this subscription, as what games will be making it’s way to this service are as of yet unknown. That said, the cost of the service is negligible, only a whopping $20 dollars a month (a few cheap mcdonalds runs). After which you, currently, gain a access to a plethora of PS3 games that until now you had no access to unless you still had a working PS3. However knowing that a host of PS4 games will soon be made available in the same way is kind of exciting, not for me as I’m a console child, but just for the fights that will ensue from gaming trolls everywhere. I can almost hear them stating that once more “PC owns all”.

Let us know in the comments on what you think of this move by PlayStation, and whether you’ll be grabbing a subscription.  
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