Mass Effect Andromeda: One Last Trailer Before Launch

With Mass Effect Andromeda’s immediate launch staring us in the face, the good folk of Bioware decided to give us one last tease into the story to really get our appetites wet. Check it out below before we give it a brief breakdown.

If you were distracted by the pretty visuals and fitting music, here’s what just happened. As you can hear at the beginning of the trailer, something’s gone terribly wrong with Andromeda’s mission. “The entire Initiative is at risk”, explains an unknown character, going on to state that “None of the Golden Worlds panned out,”. This, as we know, is dire news to the pathfinder team. As their whole purpose in this region of space is to find hospitable worlds that their passengers can now inhabit.

Yet now it seems as if that might not be possible.

Not only does the pathfinder team seem to find themselves incapable of finding new home worlds, but also a lack of resources is beginning to show up – if the spooky voice is anything to go by. It states that “We need to find more resources…But that takes people, and we can’t wake them up”. There lack of resources is so bad that their crew will remain in cryo sleep because they seemingly cannot support the people that are already awake.

Talk about dire straits.

In any case, let us know in the comments whether you’re going to be picking up this title or if you’ve already found yourself finished with the Mass Effect series.

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