Heroes of The Storm Newest Character: Probius

A new addition is being made to the cast of Blizzards popular game, Heroes of The Storm. That character being Probius, the helpful orb. He’s should be up and about on the public test server by now, so go give him a gander if you’re into Heroes of the Storm.

To those of you unfamiliar with the character, though many Blizzard fan’s will be, he comes from StarCraft 2. Wherein which his primary functions are scouting ahead, and more importantly – gathering resources to build new structures and units. That said, if the trailer for the character is anything to go by he’s kept some of those handy functions.

How exactly players will be able to utilize Probius effectively remains to be seen, but the addition of such a small character in the Blizzard world is slightly startling but hardly unwelcome. As a player who would constantly pump out probes in StarCraft 2, I can hardly underestimate there importance on any given battlefield.

Let us know if you’ve used Probius yet, and if so – how did he play?

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