Nintendo Switch: Blue or Orange Screen of Death

Hardware issues are always the bane of any system at their launch, and it seems like the Nintendo Switch is no exception to this rule. That said, consumers are reporting busted consoles that are suffering from their own “blue screen of death”. Not only blue, but also orange – if the pictures piling up around the net are anything to go by.

It’s hardly a surprise that their are issues with the console on launch, as stated before it’s hardly an uncommon occurrence. However it is enough of a reason for potential buyers to hesitate, at least until the issue is fixed. Especially as no one knows ‘why’ the issue keeps occurring. ZTg5MTFmMjQxOCMvS1JJeC1Jd2doRDlQczhNUlFkMVByRGVEVFNRPS8xNXgxMzQ6MzIyM3gyNDI5LzYyMXg0NDUvZmlsdGVyczpxdWFsaXR5KDcwKS9odHRwOi8vczMuYW1hem9uYXdzLmNvbS9wb2xpY3ltaWMtaW1hZ2VzL2Z0d3VpajlyanJ3cTlxM2FzN2M

Gamers suffering from the issue have had no choice but to go replace the console, as one would expect. Unless it’s the “orange screen of death”, as Reddit users seem to have found a fix for that. You can reboot the system by holding down the power button – which seemingly solves the issue. The gaming community is speculating at large on why the issue is occurring, many of which believe it has something to do with Nintendo’s day one update. Though absolutely no confirmation can be given as to that being true – we can only wonder.

Other issues have sprung up for the console as well, including a flickering screen which looks like it might cause seizures.

The console had to get replaced as well by the owner, as no fix could be found.

The Nintendo Switch still looks like a fun console, and something to pick up. However it’s got a few bugs to work out.

Let us know in the comment’s if you’ve experience any difficulties with your Switch, or a friend of yours has.

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