Mass Effect Andromeda: Exploration And Discovery – A Brief Explanation by Bioware

It’s always great to see a snippet of whats to come in games, just to wet our appetites. That said, BioWare has given us a little bit of a platter with their newest video titled “Exploration and Discovery”. In the given video, they tell us a little bit on what to expect from the upcoming title. Reminding us that while it is a beautiful looking game, with beautiful planets to see, only a handful of them can actual be landed on and explored.

Each planet that is explorable will have its own unique story, planet life, and characters. The video also goes on to outline the various ways through which you need to explore the planet, and how players can progress character skills – through unlockable cryo sleep characters.

The most important object that the trailer seems to mention, for me at least, is the fast travel stations. These stations are called “forward stations”, and once discovered, serve as a method to not only change your gun load out – but to also stop you from having to drive from point A to B. As a gamer who hates to travel long distance, the Zelda games withstanding, this is key for me. As I will be hopping across the planet like a madman.

The video also gives you a run down on the Nomad, which is your main method of travel in Andromeda. The Nomad seems to serve a pretty important purpose in game play, as it helps players travel their planets, and is worth upgrading. However don’t take my word for it, check it out below yourself.

Tell us in the comment’s on what you think for the upcoming Mass Effect title, and whether you’ll be picking up a copy.

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