Xbox One: Live Creators Program

Micorosft has unveiled yet another program, and this one is meant to help developers. This new program is called the Xbox Live Creators Program, which was unvieled at a recent game developers conference. The program is suppose to “empowers anyone to rapidly publish Xbox Live-enabled games on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs”. In otherwords, this program is meant to allow developers the ability to rapidly produce and publish games on Microsoft’s platforms.

Whether this is a ploy to ensure that newer indie games are developed soley for Microsoft remains to be seen. However, what does remain true is that the program is suppose to allow developers the capability to easily incorporate Xbox live features into their game, as well as Windows Platform features, and publish them quicker than before. There new works will be avalialbe for all to see on a new section being crafted on the Xbox store.

This seems like a boon to many aspiring indie developers, as their product can now be seen by many in the Xbox world with a few easy clicks. That said, what is a developers biggest foe if not advertising. Which is something Xbox seems to be giving out for free on their platform. Chris Charla, director of Microsoft’s independent developer program had this to say on the subject: “”This means their title can see exposure to every Xbox One owner across the Xbox One family of devices, including Project Scorpio this holiday, as well as hundreds of millions of Windows 10 PCs, and millions of folks using the Xbox app on mobile platforms,”.

You also, according to Charla, will have access to additional marketing and developmental support for your game if you want later on. All developers have to do is enrol in Microsoft’s ID@Xbox. This can be done before or after the game has already launched, so don’t worry about ‘missing’ out. More info can be found on Microsoft’s website, so for those of you interested go take a gander.

Let us know in the comment’s on what you think of the Live Creators Program, and what it will mean for indie games on the Xbox market.

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