Nintendo Switch: Digital Purchases Are Locked To One Console

As gamers we’ve become accustom to accessing our digital game data easily. By simply logging on to a different console with your account, whether that be the Xbox, PlayStation 4, or a different PC for steam, you can gain access to all of your digital games. It’s a luxury many of us take for granted, and one Nintendo has yet to perfect.

The Switch currently uses a new log in system called the unified Nintendo Account. You need an account on this system to buy any games on the Switches eShop, after which all purchases will be tied to that account. Following this, anyone who makes a profile on that Switch can also play the games you’ve bought. So far so good, it’s similar in design to console systems in existence.

Here’s where it fails. Unlike other consoles, where you can still access your games from another unit – despite it not being your primary – the Switch doesn’t allow for that. For those of you looking to play your eShop someplace else, think again. You must first deactivate your existing console before you can even SIGN IN with your Nintendo account on another Switch. Then you must activate it as your primary unit and then presto – instant game access. It’s important to note that you can only deactivate your Switch while currently having it in your possession physically, otherwise you must call Nintendo and wade through their help line. Once all that is done, your previous Switch no longer has access to your games and now is just a lifeless husk of a person – abandoned and alone.

As you can see, Nintendo’s getting awfully close with a good system, but not quite there. After all, this new system doesn’t account for a console that suddenly breaks, or a system that might be lost or stolen. Any of which means you’ll be making a call to Nintendo to deactivate your old switch to use a new one, should you buy it. While not necessarily a huge task, it is rather annoying. It also show cases Nintendo doesn’t quite understand what consumers want in terms of easy access.

Well, at least Zelda: Breath of The Wild looks beautiful – they got that right.

Let us know in the comment’s about what you think of this new system.

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