Microsoft: Monthly Gaming Subscription

Microsoft is bringing a new little product to us this upcoming spring for the Xbox One. Wherein which players can buy the Xbox Game Pass, which costs a measly $9.99, and gives you access to over 100 Xbox One and backwards compatible games.

The Xbox Game pass acts much like EA access, meaning gamers can download the games to their system and have access to them as long as their subscription is current. Popular titles such as Halo 5, NBA 2K16, and even SoulCalibur II, will be available for download. Another cool aspect of this subscription lays in the ability to then purchase the game, if you find yourself liking it, at a discounted price.

With every month, the Game Pass library will update. This means that games might come and go at leisure. That said, if you find a title you like, play every game to completion within the month given. It’s also worth noting any save files made from games played while under subscription will stay on your system, even should you stop paying for the Xbox Game Pass. With that in mind, should you decide to pick up the game at a later date, or even start your subscription again in the future, you can always pick up anywhere you left off.

Let us know in the comments whether you’ll be picking up this subscription when it drops, and whether you think it’s worth your money.

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