Beartopia: Bear Obsessed Video Game

Sometimes, just sometimes, you come across games that just baffle your eyes. One such game is a title developed by Spry Fox, which is a Bear obsessed game that recently dropped it’s trailer. The game seems like a cooperative, village building sims game that utilizes BEARS. Look below, or check out their site, and be prepared for ridiculous amounts of cuteness.

Beartopia comes out on Google’s virtual reality platformer called Daydream. This platform runs on some ZTE and Motorola phones, as well as Google’s proprietary Pixel phones. Though this is only during its initial release. Spry Fox’s creative director has stated that after a while the game shall be released on both the PC and the Mac.

The bears, as a unit, seem to be mining resources and building structures in a very sim like manner. That said, as a computer game I doubt its future success but as a mobile game it will likely garner more than a few interested eyes.

Keep your eyes out for the attack of the care bears in the new future, or stay tuned and will let you know about it’s release.

Let us know in the comment’s if you’ll be picking up this Minecraft/ Sim/ Beartastic game. Or if it’s even something your interested in.

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