Switch Games: Not All Will Be TV Compatible

It’s hardly surprising, but a game for the Switch has finally been announced that will not take advantage of the systems ability to go onto the big screen. In fact, it’s completely unable to synch up with this ability due to its touch pad nature.

The game in question? Voez, a rhythm based game that is a Japanese launch title, and as mentioned above it’s a touch screen game. This makes me wonder how many games will make the systems port obsolete due to tablet game play styles.

The above game is a rhythm based play, with a range of dynamic and ever changing songs to play through. It seems visual appealing, and likely to tell a rather kind story. The game though, as fun as I’m sure it will be for those of us who like tap marathons, is completely unusable on anything other than the Switch itself.

While I’m not surprised by this move on developers parts, I do wonder how future games might function. Will their be games where you can use the Switch in conjunction with the game you are playing on screen? Much like the DS, where you can play up top and use the touch screen at the bottom, with your game play. It seems like a viable way to even garner in secondary player help. However, as of yet, we have no confirmation about any such abilities. I can only hope that a more inclusive use of the Switch will begin to be added in, as it does have potential.

Let us know in the comment’s about what you think of the Switch and its abilities. Also what you think could be done with the device.

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  1. Personally, I love VOEZ on my mobile phone, and can’t wait to play it on the Switch! I doubt that it will influence what games port though- after all, not like every game “needs” touchscreen compatibility. I’m actually rather excited- what sorts of indie games will be possible for the Switch on a touchscreen? What sorts of new, unique support can happen in the future? It’s exciting to consider the possibilities!


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