Hearthstone: Journey To Un’Goro Update

Blizzard has recently confirmed the title of their upcoming Hearthstone update: Journey to Un’Goro. Blizzard has confirmed that the update will arrive in April, and have revealed some of the upcoming cards.

One of the cooler options, and bigger changes, that Blizzard has added to the game lays in Quest Cards. As you take a look below, you can see that these “quest” cards have certain stipulations that must be followed to award you a specific card type. It’s very important to note that when you place these cards inside of your deck, they will ALWAYS be in your opening hand. That said, only put them in if you are willing to go through the quest. However, the rewards can be worth wild as this card showcases. The reward for the first quest card is Amara, the Warden of Hope, and she is a doozy of an overpowered card. Read on to find out how strong she is, and why she is worth having in your hand.


Before we get to Amara, let’s look at the Adapt ability. When a minion takes on the adapt ability, players are capable of choosing three upgrades, out of a total of ten. This seems to be quite a powerful ability to be honest, and likely something gamers will put to good use. Blizzard has only revealed six of the ten possible updates, but take a gander at what we know.


  • • Crackling Shield- grants Divine Shield
  • Flaming Claws- grants plus three attack
  • Living Spores- grants “Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 plants”
  • Massive- grants Taunt
  • Lightning Speed- grants windfury
  • Liquid Membrane- minion cannot be targeted by spells or Hero Powers

As if these new set’s of abilities weren’t impressive enough, let’s go back to a previously mentioned character: Amara, The Warden of Hope. This character, which can be summoned via quest card, costs only five mana. However, as you can see below, it gives you an eight health minion, an eight attack, and immediately set’s your health back to 40. It can potentially annoy more than a few gamers, as suddenly a players health will sky rocket back to the top, and their favorite cards have already come and gone.enUS_AmaraWardenofHopeAnother interesting card comes in the form of the Elemental tribe. Wherein which you are given access to a new minion named Pyros. The original card itself is hardly worth wild, however, it’s death is something to look forward to. Due to it’s special ability, death rattle, when Pyros dies it returns to your hand as a monster with six attack, and six health, that costs six mana to play. As if that wasn’t annoying enough for gamers, when THAT pyros dies, it comes back to your hand once more as a 10 attack, 10 health minion with a matching mana to play.


These cards are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Blizzards new assortment of goodies, and are likely to cause players to change their strategies quite a bit. That said, adapt or die dear gamers.

Let us know in the comment’s about what you think of some of these new cards, and whether your looking forward to the update.

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