Overwatch’s New Hero: Orisa

Time to end speculation, Overwatch has announced its newest hero. It isn’t doomfist, or some mechanized spider. That said, the creature was created by Efie, the young brilliant scientist recently introduced into Overwatchs lore. The character’s name is Orisa, and is the newest tank hero in the Overwatch world.

Here’s Jeff Kaplan introducing the newest hero:

According to Kaplan, Orisa fights with a “fusion driver”, and has more range than any other tank hero currently employed. Orisa was created by spare parts found in Numbani, after doomfist had destroyed quite a few robots, by Efie. This was done in an attempt to protect the citizens in Numbani in a way that the current slew of robots just weren’t doing.3199828-overwatch

The character is described as an “anchor” for her team. She defends with a protective barrier of some sort, and has an ability dubbed “fortify”. The ability reduces any incoming damage, while her portective barrier will keep her allies safe within. If that isn’t handy enough for you, she also has an attack called “Halt”. This attack allows her to either slow down enemies, or pull them from around corners. It’s an ability, if used effectively, could have devastating effects on team play. Following this is her ultimate, which supercharges allies within site – giving them damage boost while in effect.

Let us know in the comments on what you think of the newest Overwatch hero, and if it has met your expectations at all.

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