Elder Scrolls Online: Cheap Leveling Trick

As long as there are games, there will exist people who will find the cheapest way to the top. It is the way of gaming, from now until infinity. That said, players of The Elder Scrolls Online have found a way to level up – while far away from their keyboards.luaiydz8v4gvtbvr5iwyluaiydz8v4gvtbvr5iwy

If one thinks the above image is just players going to town on an enemy horde, think again. What’s actually occurring is that players have set their characters up at an advantage point and made it so their attack button is constantly clicked down. Whether that be through tape, or a heavy weight, the results is the same. They are continuously attack an area that will continuously spawn enemies: thus grinding out exp with minimal to no effort.

While hardly nefarious, it does call into question fair tactics of players. As many people put time and consideration into making their characters grow. While others, such as these, cheat there way to high levels. These kind of tactics will always be commonplace in gaming, but in my honest opinion also ruin it constantly. To stand at the top of a game means one thing to me, to have put time and relentless hours into it – fighting your way up for supremacy. Individuals like this skew results in such a way that you can never fully trust individuals at the top anymore, and whether or not they got their legitimately can always be called into question.

Not to mention it looks really stupid, and is annoying to see game wise. If you take a look at the footage below you’ll see what I mean.

This came from a gamer on the PS4 who happened to stumble upon some goofs employing this method. They look ridiculous, and quickly should be kicked for the tactics. However, as it currently stands, only players who aren’t putting in any controller commands are considered AFK. That said, just having the button pressed down is enough to constitute playing in the Elder Scrolls current system. I feel as if the developers should somehow address this issue, though how is a bit beyond me. Though it has been recommended by many to report anyone you see using this method, just to ensure a more fair gaming experience for everyone.

Let us know in the comments what you think of players using this method, and what you think should be done to fix this glitch.

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