Pamela: Survival Horror that Kind of Looks like Bioshock in The Mirrors Edge World

It’s always exciting to see, and learn, about all the upcoming games that will be avaliable to gamers soon. One cool looking game that I’ve heard about recently is PAMELA. A high tech, single player, survival horror game, that looks like the event’s of Bioshock took place in the crisp visuals of the Mirror’s Edge Universe. As you’ll see from the below trailer, everything, despite the eventual creepy nature of it all, looks bright and vibrant in a way thats surprising. Especially given that the company is such a small start up.

As you can see, this failed attempt at perfection – Eden – will be the game’s main setting. The players main helper being P.A.M.E.L.A., the A.I. overseer of this failed utopia. The A.I. helps you by giving you various information on not only how to survive, but also upgrading abilities you have within the world. As a side note, I’d like to place a bet that PAMELA is the one to blame for all this destruction.

That said, not much is known about the actual story of the game. As you progress through the game, you must discover logs (much like Audio Diaries in Bioshock) that will help break down the event’s of the world around you.

The main enemy to be found throughout the world will be the ‘Afflicted’. A group that, according to a press release from the developers, is “Governed by their excruciating pain and disfiguring disease”. They seem to be slow in nature but, like all enemies, will likely evolve in difficulty as the game progresses.

The games mechanics appear a little clunky at the moment, but that’s just my assessment from the above gameplay footage. However, it does look like spooky fun and something worth playing in your free time. Check out the actual game, and all it’s related news, on their website right here. Also stay tuned for any upcoming information on when the game will launch – for those of you actually interested that is.

Let us know in the comment’s what you think of the upcoming game, and whether it looks like any fun.

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