Incoming: Hearthstone Changes

A whole host of changes have been happening in the Heartstone realm, from changes to the ranked mode, and cards getting nerfed. That said, Blizzard seems to want to keep editing their favourite little card building game. This time the focus lays on their arena mode.

The existing Arena mode, for those of us who haven’t played in a while, is rather simple. Players start it up, and pay a total of $1.99 or 150 gold to start the mode. Once in, you must – for thirty turns – choose one card from a set of three to build your deck. From there players must go on a rather uphill struggle, fighting numerous players. Players must win up to 12 fights, or lose three and get booted out of the arena. The rewards you gain are based on how many actual wins you’ve gained from the arena.

The changes are based on the format of the arena. It is going from a wild format, which has allowed any card in Hearthstone existence to be found in our draft build up, to standard mode. This means that you will only find cards from recent expansions. This seems rather limiting in nature, but Blizzard apparently want’s players to fight with cards that have more of a chance to “synergize.” Which is understandable in nature, but rather saddening to know that some of our older favourites won’t make their way into the arena.9PSZWHYZEASW1461136028442

Though to balance this out, they’ve also increased the rate at which higher ranked cards will drop. They’ve done this by lowering the amount of common drops and increasing the chances for rare, epic and legendary cards to show up. They are also looking to ensure an even amount of spells and minions show up during the drafting process. This is done to ensure that gamers have an even distribution between the two, as sometimes players are caught with next to none of one specific type.

The update lands sometime this February. That said, be ready for the change.

Let us know in the comment’s about what you think of the upcoming update, and whether it will affect your gaming style greatly.

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