The Last Night: Cyberpunk Game Still In The Works

Even though we exist in a day and age where graphics can look real enough that they hurt, the nostalgia value of low resolution games seems to never disappear. One such game, that will likely be a success – if properly advertised – is The Last Night by the developers of Odd Tales.

Everything about the game looks like pixelated beauty, and will hopefully play out like a cheesy cyberpunk movie. The game itself was originally announced in 2014, but dissapeared from the public realm after a while as no new information was to be found. Recently though, they released a little snippit of the upcoming game game, and it looks rather well put together.

No actual release date has still been announced for the game, but it’s worth keeping your eyes on our pages for any upcoming information – as we’re sure to get it upon it’s release.

Let us know what you think of the cyberpunk game, and why you think the nostalgia of this age will never truly die.

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