For Honor: Banning People Left And Right

If it’s not one problem bothering the new game For Honor, it’s definitely another. As of late, players are claiming left and right that they are getting banned from the game due to Ubisoft’s anti-cheat program. Admittedly this wouldn’t be bad, as cheaters should suffer, but many of the players are claiming it’s an over sensitive program that is banning many innocent gamers. Which, if true, is a rather huge issue.

As if there lag issue wasn’t enough.

Many players are receiving the error code 0006000043 from Ubisofts EasyAntiCheat system, which mean’s that Ubisoft’s system has decided you were trying to cheat their system. While it is understandable for new games to have issues, apparently this particular flaw has been plaguing For Honor since it’s beta stages – and players are less then impressed.02_793

While Ubisoft has already claimed to have made tweaks to the EasyAntiCheat system, it doesn’t seem have been helpful as players are continuously booted from the system. Which in turn is causing some heavy handed feelings to sprout up against Ubisoft as they seem to not be really acknowledging the issue.

It can obviously be stated that some players might have been actually cheating on the game, and thus deserved the ban. However, the wide spread affect of this issue is far to wide for it to be effecting ONLY cheaters. As it stands, the only thing many players can do is follow this troubleshooting guide and hope for the best.

Ubisoft really needs to address the issue, but seems to be keeping quiet currently. That said, I’m sure it’s creating a lot of bad blood from gamers world wide due to what seems to be a rather crummy game launch.

Let us know what you think of the current issues plaguing For Honor, and whether you think you’ll still be playing the game.

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