Watch Dog’s 2 Second Expansion

The newest update for Watch Dog’s 2 dropped for PS4 players on February 21st. Unfortunately Xbox One and PC players must wait an additional month to grab the new DLC, as they won’t have access to it until March 23rd. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn what the DLC has to offer ahead of time.

The DLC, which is called Human Conditions, has a host of new story missions for gamers to progress through. Check out the trailer below to see a glimpse.

The three story missions are called: Automata, Caustic Progress, and Bad Medicine. Each one offering it’s own little fun and interesting story arcs. Read on below to get a snippet of each story.

Caustic Progress: A story focusing on Dedsec, and them setting out to fight a dangerous nanotechnology that’s been endangering and terrorizing the homeless people of San Francisco.

Bad Medicine: In this story Marcus needs to partner up with a hitman, and in an unlikely alliance they will handle a common enemy that is causing chaos in the cities hospitals – going so far as  to hold them for ransom.

Automata: Marcus takes on an internet company and their self driving cars – personally this sounds like the least interesting of the three.

The game also comes with new elite co-op missions, which allow more veteran players to test themselves in the game as more challenges are offered. This increase in difficulty also comes with a new challenge for gamers in the form of the “jammer”. An enemy who uses anti hack devices to block out our own impressive skills. This mean’s if you’ve used your hacking for just about everything? You’re screwed, and it’s time to change up your style of play.

Overall the DLC sounds fun and worth getting, if only to extend the Watch Dog experience.

Let us know in the comment’s if your going to be picking up the new DLC, or if you even enjoyed Watch Dog’s 2.

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