Overwatchs Next Hero?

Everyone under the sun seems to be hypothesizing upon who the newest Overwatch character will be. That said, there has been much speculation around an individual named Doomfist, a character that appears in multiple places throughout the Overwatch world.

In an effort to stem speculation, or at least throw us off the trail, director Jeff Kaplan has spoken to the masses on the game’s forums stating: “24 is not who you think it is”. This hardly means that at some point Doomfist won’t be a character within the game – just that right now, that doesn’t seem to be Overwatchs next drop.

Or they could be lying to us all.

In regards to who would even do the voice acting for the potential character, one well known actor has been expressing huge interest in the opportunity. Terry Crews, our favorite over the top muscle man, has been advocating rather loudly at the chance to play the character. He event went so far as to offer a mock audition for the character on Yahoo E-Sports.

In a show of support for his friend, for a character that has yet to even exist, the Rock has gone on to show some support on Terry’s campaign. He went on to tweet the following:

Recent additions to the game have been seen in the form of Sombra the hacker, and Ana the Sniper. A host of new characters are still being worked on by Blizzard, and will be coming our way slowly. Kaplan himself stated that:  “We have multiple new heroes being worked on right now plus numerous events and event-related content”. That said, keep your eyes on the horizon for news on who the real character will be, and what kind of abilities we have to look forward to.

Let us know in the comment’s about who you think the next Overwatch character will be – and what kind of abilities you think they might have.

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