For Honor: Where Lag Rides The Wind

For Honor, a recently released game by Ubisoft, features a host of fun game play for gamers everywhere. You can engage in all types of duels against friends and foes alike – hoping to slay them with your skill and better weaponry choice. It’s definitely got the potential to be a great game, once the lag stop’s making it impossible to play.

Problems with the systems multiplayer have been in abundance, as multiple players are reporting either huge lag within the game or an inability to even join one. Though this is to be expected I suppose with the beginnings of a new multiplayer experience, especially as Ubisoft realizes the demand the game will soon have. However, the problem isn’t just with the game being new, but rather the way in which Ubisoft went about their online fights.

It just doesn’t use dedicated servers.

This is a huge detriment to game matches, purely because it doesn’t use one solid base with a good internet connection as it’s base but rather bases it on individual’s connection speeds. That mean’s that if the host of the game has a rather sub par connection… well all of us will suffer greatly. While peer to peer is a common way to host online games, it’s also the most ineffective in terms of preventing lag.pxp5yef3pxzzjlmxxfyc

But why worry about that? It’s not as if you need to dodge any deadly weapons coming at your face, or liver, or arm. Nope – don’t worry about those things.

When, or if, Ubisoft plan’s on fixing this issue is still up in the air. As it is, host’s have an advantage. As they don’t experience the lag in the same way that their peers do, allowing them to strike down their foes in some cases with little to no opposition. This is rather shitty, as the game itself seems like a solid idea – just the execution is currently off.

Let us know in the comment’s about what you think of the issue, and if you’ve experience it yourself.

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