Where Cards Fall: Indie Game That Uses Cards To Navigate Childhood

There isn’t much known about the upcoming indie game: Where Cards Fall, as seems to be the norm with the last few indie games I’ve discovered. Developers seem to like keeping there cards close to there chests, and leave us wondering off their trailers.

What little we’ve come to understand about the upcoming title is that it focuses on the rather rough area of life that all individuals go through, being a teenager. The game itself is a narrative driven puzzle platformer game that makes players navigate childhood once more by building houses of cards from both memories and character interaction.

The only comment that could be found from the developers at The Game Band stated that Where Cards Fall “brings vivid memories of adolescence to life”. While not exactly informative, the trailer alone looks like it could be an interesting game to play. It doesn’t look like the game will likely be super exciting, but admittedly it’s too early to judge,  however it does seem like the kind of game I’d play on a rainy afternoon.

The game will launch on the Mac, iOS and PC sometime in the fall.

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