Overwatch Players: Cheating The Competitive System

It doesn’t matter what the game is, if there is a way to cheat or rig it, people will always find a way to out think the rules. One such method in Overwatch is apparently being used in regions with low amount of players, allowing others to boost their ranking in competitive matchmaking.

The method is simple, and hardly can be called cheating, but is causing players to be upset and rather scornful to those employing it. It involves players simply logging in to the game in the early hours of play, with their full competitive team, and playing against a mismatch of opponents who neither know each other nor often play together. This allows the competitive team to stack up win after win easily, as a six person team who regularly plays together will generally always outperform a group of misfits. It’s worth noting that the mismatching of skill can sometimes be huge at times as well. One such example can be seen when a Brazilian team of six, with a 4439 CR score was matched against a team with a 2709 CR score. While not completely indicative of skill, as players can and often do get better over time, it does seem like an uphill fight in ability.

You can see that players on the Reddit Overwatch forums are less than impressed with this type of matching. There are many who believe that players should only be placed against players of similar skill in competitive mode. Otherwise a team’s ranking shoots skywards as they beat down on these weaker ranked teams – securing themselves in their regions top listings.

Blizzard has yet to comment on this, and to be frank I’m not sure if they will. As I personally feel we play competitive mode at our own risk, we know that this might happen from time to time. That said, play hard – and pray you don’t get this kind of matchup.

Let us know in the comments whether you’ve experienced something similar in Overwatch, and what you think Blizzard should do about it – if anything at all.

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