Final Fantasy VII Remake: Some New Screenshots

If there’s one thing gaming companies are good at, it’s teasing us with screenshots or trailers of upcoming games. It’s a way to keep our anticipation high, but our actual knowledge of the upcoming work low.

Square Enix has done this again in regards to their Final Fantasy VII Remake. At the Magic Monaco 2017 event, Tetsuya Nomura – the game’s director’ revealed two new screenshots of the upcoming title. The pictures show a stark difference in graphics, as can be expected, between the first game and it’s remake.

Above we can see Cloud and Barret taking aim at a security drone. While right below it is what the fight would have looked like when I was a child, O where have the blocky days gone.miiesmsfj2bzg7ppza9x

Other than these two screenshots, nothing else has been found out about the upcoming game. It seem’s that we will forever been in the dark, or at least until the game’s actual release. In a bid to continue the screenshot trend, Nomura also gave us a quick peak at a Kingdom Hearts 3 snapshot. The shot showcases Sora, the game’s protagonist, throwing down with a rather large adversary. The newest title to the Kingdom Hearts franchise, much like the new Final Fantasy VII Remake, looks very sleek. I personally can’t wait to get my hand on the game.ek1jxs73cppp8c9qak8n

Let us know in the comments about whether or not your exciting for the upcoming titles. Also tell us about your fondest Final Fantasy memory!

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