Counter – Strikes Newest Method of Handling Cheaters: Smarter A.I.

Let’s be honest, other than players that are absurdly good, nothing is more annoying to encounter in a game than a cheater. All of those hours you’ve put into a game to get even a tiny bit better is erased by folks who have aim hacks on. Where you have to aim and fire, they can spin and shoot on the fly – completely disrupting the flow of any good Counter Strike match.

This, as we all know, is a rather common occurrence in the online world. That said, Valve has been trying to deal with this issue for years with no end to the problem in sight. According to Valve, they quite simply can’t get ahead of the problem. The issue lying in the fact that often each solution they have made is met with another answer by hackers – a fight against the fairness we all want is on going.

Valve’s latest solution to the situation is rather interesting. It lays in the idea of machine learning – a rather terrifying idea from a fiction standpoint. From what I understand of Valves post on the reddit boards is that the approach will have an A.I. system actively collecting information from gamers everywhere. How they play, and how their opponents play will be examined by the system. From there it should be able to differentiate between an actual skilled human playing, as opposed to a ridiculous aim bot being in effect. Obviously the idea will take a long time to work effectively, but would be very helpful should it be ever come into full effect.

According to Valve: “An early version of the system has already been deployed and is submitting cases to Overwatch. Since the results have been promising, we’re going to continue this work and expand the system over time.” That said, keep your eyes and ears open if you’ll see its effects anytime soon.

Let us know what you think of the potential update in the comments below, and whether it will actually work.

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