Ultrawings VR Simulator: Use A Virtual Flight Stick

Flight simulations are, to my surprise, a rather popular genre among gamers. The idea of flying in the sky, and seeing the world from up above is always entertaining for people. That said, with the invention of VR technology, the potential of these games has gone up – as you can immerse yourself in the travel experience.

These games, until now, required the usage of keyboard and mouse – as that was all that players use to have at their disposal. Admittedly there were a few that would pay for a flight stick, or a fancier set up, but those were in the minority.

Then came Ultrawings.

The upcoming flight simulator game uses the technology of the Oculus rift, and it’s own in game models, to map your real hands into the game. This is suppose to allow you to interact, and control, the virtual sticks, toggles, and various buttons of your plane.

As you can see from the above teaser, it seem’s pretty cool. As we haven’t had the chance to actually try it, were a slight skeptical on how well it will work – but damn if it don’t at least seem fun.

The cockpits of the planes, for those of you who worry, are simple and design. They are meant to be piloted by plane enthusiasts, to those of us who have no idea how to work the controls. On top of that, all the controls are far enough apart that one has to really stretch out and try to activate them. This adds to the realism that you are putting in some effort in controlling the plane. Apparently the game goes so far as to make us manually control the settings on our planes flaps, to make sure we can maintain a good altitude.

With that in mind, I might crash the first few times.

The game is a new experience as far as flight simulator goes, concentrating less on speed and more on the experience. With an open world for you to explore, multiple airports for us to visit, and different types of planes for us to fly – there’s some decent replay ability to the game.
Ultrawings is slotted to come out February 21st on the Oculus. Let us know what you think of the upcoming flight sim, and whether you’ll be jumping into the cockpit.

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