MotherGunship: Build Guns, Dodge Bullets and Shoot Robots

Not every game can be a masterpiece, if they could our gaming collections would be rife with wonders and our wallets even lighter. That said, there are plenty of games worth playing in our free time just to pass the boredom until the next “big hit”.

One such game is Mothergunship, a game that employs a run and gun system. It’s all about movement in this game. After all, if you stay put for two long, you’ll get blasted to bits in a careless moment. The fun part lays in the fact that you can craft a ton of different guns. You can craft monstrosities that can shoot up to 12 rockets at once, and a host of other super weapons that will blow you enemies away.

The game will pit you against alien robots that have little mercy for you, and will continued to pursue you until someone is dead. The game is randomly generated each time you play, as to ensure replability and that nothing becomes to easy.

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming game:

Mothergunship is slotted to launch on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Let us know in the comment’s what you thought of the trailer, and whether you’ll give the game a try.

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