Pokemon Go: Blissey The Beast Roams the Streets

Sometimes it’s easy to dismiss a Pokemon due to there rather plushy nature, however only a fool shall dismiss Blissey. With it’s addition recent addition to the Pokemon roster, Blissey is already making a name for itself on the mean streets it roams. It’s taking up spaces in gyms, and quickly letting others know that it is not a Pokemon to take lightly.

The reasons for Blissey’s rise to fame lies in one noticeable fact, it has a boat ton of health at it’s disposal. Which in truth is classic Blissey, as in previous games he was used as a means to soak up major amounts of damage. This works well with the current system in Pokemon Go, because it’s likely the timer at a gym will count down before you are able to knock out this pink marshmallow.

As if that wasn’t enough, Blissey also possesses some high CP potential – meaning that he can both defend and potential attack. This combination has made Blissey climb to the top tier of Pokemon that need to be caught by you in your daily strolls.

Don’t think it will be easy finding though, as finding a Chansey – it’s original form – is pretty rare. After which it would take a serious amount of candy to upgrade into it’s evolved form. However, considering that you might be the owner of your local gym with this Pokemon – it just might be worth the effort.

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