Team Fortress 2: Ten Years Later Valve Fixes Accuracy Bug

The ability to adapt to a video games bugs is a skill that many gamers learn early on in there careers. After all, not many video games are ‘perfect’, and often need fine tuning to ensure there success. In this age of constant online updates, these issues are often addressed relatively quickly – but alas some games just get left behind for a very long time.

One such game was Team Fortress 2. The bug was simple, but rather annoying in nature because it fixated on messing with a gamers accuracy. Which, in a game where you let lose on your opponent with a bullet swarm, was rather annoying. The way the bug worked was as follows: when joining a server as one of the following five classes – engineer, demo, medic, spy or pyro – and then switching to a heavy, scout, or sniper, you would mess up your characters hitbox. This meant that despite it often looking like you hit your enemy on the map, well you might not have due to the glitch. While a solution can be found in pumping more bullets to ensure success, this isn’t a great option considering your opponent might strike you down first.

Take a look at the bug right here:

Doesn’t that look like the most annoying problem? No wonder you couldn’t hit the enemy as often as you wanted.

However, lo and behold, Valve has stated in recent patch notes that this problem was fixed. Meaning that you should be able to hit your enemy exactly when your bullet makes contact with their frame. That said, for those of you who stopped playing the game ages ago thinking that maybe you sucked…well maybe your a bit better than you think.

Let us know in the comment’s if you’ll be back to playing Team Fortress 2 – or if you’ve seen a noticeable difference.

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