Pokemon Go: Upcoming Update Bringing You New Pokemon

Pokemon Go, the mobile phone game that you might have already put down, is coming to us with a new update. The developers at Niantic have announced a total of 80 new Pokemon being added to the mobile app, all of them coming from the second generation of Pokemon games. Along with the Pokemon come a few other new features, some of which might make the game easier for you.

We’ve heard through the grape vine that three familiar Pokemon will be gracing our phone screens: The  Johto starting three. That’s right, our three little favourite Pokemon, Chikorita, Totodile, and Cyndaquil, are now available to find.

Some new features to look at can be found in the evolutionary items and berries. The new berries, the Nanab and Pinap berry, will help us catch some of the more pesky Pokemon. The Nanab berry slows down your opponent so that they are less likely to run off into the distance. Whereas the Pinap berry gives twice as much candy – the food that your Pokemon love to chow down on – upon a successful catch. The evolutionary items will help the perfectionist in you, helping you to complete your Pokedex.

One last note worthy ability lays in the customization option. That is to say players will be able to customize there trainer more, with a little bit of cash, as oppose to all trainers looking the same.

While not hugely riveting updates, at least it’s something new being added to the game. Though I’m sure gamers would be more excited for a multiplayer mode being added. Alas, wait on dear folks.

Let us know in the comment section what you think of the upcoming update, and whether it will make you pick up your Pokemon Go habit once more.

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