Ultra Street Fighter 2: First Person Hadoken Mode

As a child there were many super heroes we wished to emulate growing up; this ranged from Superman, to Spiderman, to Batman – the list was often endless. However there was one game character that many gamers often wished they could travel the world as. He was often remembered by his iconic karate gi, and his well known red karate head band: Ryu from the Street Fighter franchise was a hero to many.

That said, the Nintendo Switch is trying to do some fan service for gamers everywhere. In the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challenger players will be able to play a new mode titled “Unleash! Hadoken”. Wherein which players will be able to enter a first person view, and seemingly use the joy con controllers to shoot Hadokens at their foes. While seemingly silly in nature, the very ability to do this might guarantee some sales from people who were sitting on the fence.

Ultra Street Fighter 2 will be released on the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2017. The game will be yet another entry into the famous series, and will likely be just as fun as any of the other additions to the gaming world. For those of you always on the look out for new characters, watch out: Violent Ken and Evil Ryu will be added to the roster.

Let us know what you think of the upcoming game mode, and whether you’ll be eager to try it out.

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