Pokemon: Minecraft Style

In the years since Minecraft’s first inception, I’ve seen a host of different worlds and uses made from blocky creation game. This has ranged from recreations of fantasy genres such as Lord of The Rings, to YouTube drama’s that children at summer camps I worked at would love to watch – it was a place for the creative and the determined.

The most recent one of note has to be one of the most ambitious to date: the recreation of a Pokemon styled game. This game, Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst, is being brought to us by the developers of a small group called Phoenix Projects. This giant world version of Pokemon will feature over a hundred original Pokemon, a host of gyms, trainer battles and even the Pokemon League.

The video footage currently avaliable to us showcases how well Phoenix Project has done with their attempt to recreate Pokemon. Giving us a small showcasing of the battle system, and also offering instructions to all players on how to install the new type of Pokemon experience. For a longer feel on how the game plays Phoenix Project released a 30 minute gameplay, showcasing it’s ambitious little design.

The above video really does look pretty good, despite the fact that it’s a Minecraft game. Though that’s to be expected, as the game has been in the works since 2014, during which the initial concept for the game was posted to the Minecraft subreddit boards. The game, getting some hype, went into the works from then and the team launched a full prototype in June of 2015. The release focused on the battle system between trainers and really hit a spot of success with fan’s worldwide.

To play this version of the game, one must have an unmodded copy of Minecraft at their disposal. However it seems to be a fun game for Pokemon fanatics and worth it as something to pass the time.

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