Native Support From Valve For The PS4 Controller

Let’s be honest, finding way’s to use our favourite gaming controllers on a PC’s is what people will always do. The comfort granted to us from using a game controller for games outside of a FPS is next to none I find, and thus it’s beyond annoying when gaming companies don’t allow us to synch our controllers naturally to their systems. While admittedly not their responsibility, it can prove to be frustrating to adjust to games on the PC when you normally are a console child – or vice versa.

That said, it was with a happy ear that I heard my favourite controller – the DualShock 4 – was getting native support on the Steam’s system. The update in the works by Steam will allow full functionality with the devices touch pad and all other features naturally. As oppose to having to find a way to set, or sacrifice, certain functions for the controller.

The news came straight from Steams Dev Days Event, wherein which Valve’s Jeff Bellinghausen and Lars Doucet of Level up Labs went into details about the upcoming update. For those of you who want to know the full conversation, a transcript of the meeting can be found at Gamasutra. A majority of the conversation focused on how the Steam controller would function. However, near the end, we came to hear about how the update would help other controllers.

The update means easy goings for the developers making games for steam. As future games will be able to map in the Sony controller system easily – meaning that that they can now expect gamers to be using it on their games. Which, admittedly, many players still found a way to do – just not well in some cases.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the update, and what controller you prefer to use when gaming on the computer – if any.

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