Console Laptop: It’s Expensive But Buyable

The idea of a portable system isn’t exactly revolutionary. The ability to carry around your system and play it anywhere on the drop of a dime will always be a gamers dream. Systems like the GAEMS Vanguard try to reach out to this need, but even this acts more like a carry case for your system as oppose to just drop and stop.

That said, Ed Zarick’s version, while not exactly extremely convenient either, is still pretty cool looking. The young modsmith has already crafted laptop versions of some of our favourite consoles, ranging from the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. Both versions of which look rather spiffy if a bit cumbersome in size.

Older models aside, Zarick also has a PS4 Slim and a PS4 Pro Laptop made up for your viewing pleasure. Obviously the PS4 slim is not exactly a small console, and the laptop version of it even less so – but it looks pretty slick. The best part of it being that it’s an all in one unit. That is to say, plug it into a wall and your good to go. Both consoles also have an HDMI splitter, meaning you can jack it into the TV of your choice and play it like a regular console. However, should that TV prove to be to busy – well flip your own console screen right up and get right to it.

As you can see from the video, the PS4 Pro laptop is rather huge, featuring a 24 inch display. However with the extra space Zarick decided to add in an Android touch-screen so as to best use the PlayStation app.

Admittedly none of these wares sell cheaply, all of these customizations sell upwards of $1,000. With upgrades to your hard drive being something that can be worked in while the system is under construction. Though to be honest, most of us will never pay for this – as it costs an arm and leg, but damn if it doesn’t look cool.

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