Xbox One Getting Upcoming Horror Game: Perception

Perception, the upcoming horror game from former BioShock developers is also making it’s way onto the Xbox One. Previously slated only for the PC and PS4, the development team over at Deep End Games just dropped the news on the Xbox Wire.

This isn’t a huge surprise, especially given the small nature of the upcoming company. It’s within their best interest to try and reach a broader range of gamers, as oppose to just narrowing their focus and possible profit margin. It also helps that Deep End Games previously mentioned that an Xbox One adaption would likely be coming earlier in production.

The upcoming first person game will center on Cassie Thornton. While watching the trailer you might have noticed that she see’s the world in a very odd way, this is connected to her blindness. That’s right folks, you’ll play as a blind person investigating a haunted house.

No Problem.

The creepy house in Massachusetts is filled with supernatural forces that don’t quite seem fond of Cassies intrusion into their home. That said, your only mean’s of fighting against these forces are your walking stick, your smartphone, your ability to hear, and a your ability to run and hide quickly. It’s important to note right away that in this game you won’t be fighting the supernatural, so much as escaping it regularly. Project leader Bill Gardner even told GameSpot that “You don’t have shotguns and magic powers and all that,” meaning that your initial reaction upon an encounter should always be to hide.60c571443dec821373abed3bb37493e1-650-80

The game itself seem’s to play like a high stakes round of hide and seek, illiciting the same worry I had in Resident Evil 7 – for I never knew when dear old Jack Baker would come around a corner, or through a wall.

As of yet there’s still no release date set for Perception, but we will keep our eyes and ears open. Take the time to tell us what you think of the upcoming horror game in the comment’s below.

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