For Splatoon Lovers: Splatoon 2 Limited Demo In March

For all of you who loved the paint madness that was Splatoon, I’m sure the promised release of Splatoon 2 came as a joyous announcement. Yet the unclear release date for the upcoming sequel can, and likely does, prove to be rather annoying, as the only release date in site is sometime in 2017. That said, for the ever eager, Nintendo announced that their will be a demo for Splatoon 2 near the end of March.

Presented as a “global testfire” on their website, the game will be available to play on the Nintendo Switch from March 24-26. However, before you get really eager to get into some gaming madness, it’s important to note that players will be only able to enjoy the game in one hour chunks throughout those three days.

Why? Maybe because gaming companies like to just tease us with little tidbits at a time. Whatever the reason is, below is the list of available times to play the game during that those days:

Pacific Time Zone
March 24 (Friday):
• 8-8:59pm PT
• 12-12:59pm PT
March 25 (Saturday):
• 4-4:59am PT
• 12-12:59pm PT
• 8-8:59pm PT
March 26 (Sunday):
• 4-4:59am PT

As you can see, the gaming times vary – likely done to include as many people as possible in the painting madness.

While you have access to the game, players will be able to test: “players can test four different main weapons, including the new Splat Dualies, as well as remixed versions of the iconic Splat Roller and Splat Charger.”Which should give gamers a pretty good idea on whether or not they will be picking up the full game when it releases in full.

This will be the Nintendo’s Switches first real chance to show off it’s multiplayer capabilities, allowing us to see whether it can manage future games in a smooth manner.

Tell us if your going to be picking up the demo in the comment’s below, and whether your excited about the upcoming game.

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