Steam Greenlight: Say Goodbye

Well it’s been four years, but the Steam Greenlight System has finally come to an end. The Greenlight system, for those with horrible memories, was a way in which gamers could vote on small scale upcoming projects. There votes were a way through which Steam could gauge the interest of the gaming market, without gamers actually having to purchase the game. The games that showed the most promise were given the “Greenlight” and allowed to make their way onto the Steam platformer.

This method of evaluation was proposed by Valve as a way through which they could step back from the actual evaluation aspect of every single video game brought to their door step. A reasonable decision on their part, if one were to consider the amount of video games released on the platform yearly – last year alone ranging in the 4,000’s alone.

However this method of evaluation is being scrapped.

Instead Steam wishes to implement a new system, Steam Direct. Through this system developers will only need to fill out a form, submit it – and their game for a compatibility test, pay a fee and “boom” launch their title.

Though the fee is rather vague at this moment, as Valve is considering anything up to $5,000. This is a huge difference from the previous rules of Steam’s Green light, wherein which developers paid a one time fee of $100. This fee would allow you to submit as many apps for evaluation you wanted. Whereas this fee might be given per submission. Valve says that this is a way to discourage useless titles from being brought to Steam, but also might be a way to prevent good titles from making their way up.

Admittedly, the popularity contest that the Green light system represented wasn’t a perfect way through which to evaluate up coming games. As many good games can, and I’m sure have, slipped through the cracks. However, this new system might prove to be to costly for many developers to even get to a point of consideration for the gaming market.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, and whether you think the new system will be successful.

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