Overwatch: Minor Changes To Winston and Roadhog

The world of Overwatch is constantly under change, both the characters and the maps are under continuous tweaked as to ensure our gaming enjoyment. One such change is concentrated on two behemoth like characters within the game: Roadhog and Winston.

As we already know, recently Roadhog’s hook got nerfed quite a bit due to it’s overpowered nature. Now, according to Blizzard’s game forum, some extra changes are being made as well to the killer animal. The update fixes Roadhogs gun spread, and makes a few additional tweaks to his hook. It also fixes issues with critical hits that occur on Winston. According to Blizzard Winstons “head hit volume was just abnormally big,”, meaning the poor character was taking extra damage in comparison to the rest of the characters. Thus some adjustment’s were made to rectify the situation.


Below is the exact update list:
• Scrap Gun
• Spread decreased by 20 percent
• Chain Hook
• Targets are now pulled to a location 3.5 meters away, up from 2 meters
• Cooldown increased from 6 to 8
• Critical hit volume reduced by 15 percent

The updates to these two characters is hardly the only ones made in the recent weeks, Bastion also got some updates heading his way – as did Mercy and D.Va. With minor changes made to address some issues Blizzard felt could only help the gameplay. In the case of Bastion, it concentrated on his different modes and self repair ability, and in Mercy’s case allowed her a bit of invunerability when preforming her ultimate.

Let us know in the comment’s if you think the changes made to the Overwatch roster is what you would consider fair.

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